Get Caught Up on Your Shows

iFIBER TV Streaming in the Central Washington Area

Step 1: Sign up for Our Reliable Internet

iFIBER Communications High-Speed Reliable Fiber Internet is here to help you & your family experience amazing HD streaming without interruptions.

--> Don’t know which speed is best for you? Speak to our Customer Service Representatives to hear what options we have available in your county!

Step 2: Get Scheduled for Your Install!

After your application with the PUD has been accepted, our scheduler will contact you to schedule a day for an installation!

Step 3: Connect!

Set up your router, either by yourself, or with the help of our great tech support staff! Connect your smart TV to the WiFi

Step 4: Stream!

Login to all your streaming services & enjoy! Game, Surf, Shop & Stream on several devices like never before without interruptions!

Contact us for help navigating streaming options.