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Mail Server Settings

  • Mail Server Type: POP3

  • Incoming Mail Server Name

  • Outgoing Mail Server Name

***Your mail client must be able to support authentication in order to send email. This option must be enabled.

If you have any difficulties in configuring your email client, contact our Technical Support Department at (509) 754-4010 Option 1.

Is SMTP blocked?

SMTP is blocked on our DHCP network to prevent access to any email server but iFIBER's ( This is a spam-prevention measure. If you want to use an alternate email address, such as a work address, then set the incoming mail server information to the work email, and the outgoing mail server to the iFIBER email. You will need to add the iFIBER (or email address and password information in the outgoing server authentication settings.

Does iFIBER filter spam?

We do filter spam. iFIBER receives thousands of emails every day, 90% of which are spam and are discarded by our filters. If you are expecting a message and did not receive it, then you may need to check the appropriate spam folder in webmail. If you find the message there, then you can add the sender to your white list to receive all emails in the future.

My friend has tried to send me an email, but she/he keeps getting the message "The user is unavailable to you."

The sender's email server (service provider) has been blacklisted as a spam server. There are two ways to resolve this issue: 1) you can whitelist the sender's email address (log onto the MagicMail server [], click the Options button, click the Anti-Spam and Virus settings link, scroll down to Edit Spam Lists, click the From: Whitelist, and enter the sender's email address in the text box. Leave both Server and Mailbox options checked.), and/or 2) the sender should contact his/her provider to ensure their service is removed from the spam blacklist. The service provider's mail server administrator should be familiar with the procedures for doing this.

I don't receive messages sent to me by ***.

Check the Spam quarantine folder to see if the messages are being delivered there. Log onto the MagicMail web server at and click the Spam link (under the Trash icon in the left navigation bar). If you want to receive messages from the sender, then you should add the sender to your Whitelist. Click the MagicMail Options button, then the Anti-Spam and Virus settings link, scroll down to Edit Spam Lists, and click the From: Whitelist link. Enter the sender's email address in the text box and leave both Server and Mailbox options checked. You can enter either the sender's entire email address, or just the server portion of the address (e.g., or If you enter just the server portion of the address, then any email sent from that server will be delivered to your inbox. If you enter the entire email address, then only email sent from that address will be delivered to your inbox, and anything else from that server will be sent to the Spam folder.

Does iFIBER filter email for viruses?

Yes, we do filter all email for viruses. However, some viruses may still get through, so it is very important that you still keep your own virus-protection software up-to-date.

Why can I receive but not send email?

You probably have not set up your email software to authenticate before sending email.

For Outlook Express, click Tools-->Accounts-->Mail tab-->Properties button-->Servers tab. Under "Outgoing Mail Server" down near the bottom of the Properties window, check mark "My outgoing server requires authentication." If you need to send email using an address different from the incoming address (e.g., receiving on a work email address), then click the Settings button and enter the authentication information for the iFIBER email account.

For Outlook, click Tools-->E-mail Accounts-->select "View or change existing email accounts"-->Next button-->Change button-->More Settings button-->Servers tab. Check "My outgoing server requires authentication." Enter the appropriate information if you are sending email from a different account from which you are receiving email (e.g., receiving on a work email address). Click Next button-->Finish button.

When I try to send/receive/check email, my computer repeatedly asks me for my username and password.

Have you entered your entire email address as your username? Is the email address (username) in all small letters? Have you remembered to enter your password correctly, remembering that passwords are case sensitive? (The password must be entered exactly as given to Technical Support when creating the email account or setting the password.)

I would like to be able to check email on both my home computer and work computer (or notebook), but email is only showing up on one of them.

You should set up their email client software on each computer so they both leave copies of messages on the server: a) In your email client program, click: Tools-->Accounts-->Mail tab-->Properties button-->Advanced tab. b) Check "Leave a copy of messages on server" c) And then on ONE of the computers (usually the home or desktop computer) check "Remove from the server after [] days." The number of days will vary, according to each individual's needs, but should not be longer than 30 days. Five or 10 days should be sufficient for most people. Otherwise, their box on the mail server will become full and start rejecting email.

I've deleted all the email from my email program (e.g., Outlook, Outlook Express, Incredimail, Thunderbird), but I still get a message that I'm near or over my quota. Why hasn't deleting mail from my computer affected this?

The quota messages refer to email stored on the mail server, not on your computer. You may have your email program set up to leave a copy of the messages on the server, either indefinitely or for a specific number of days. Deleting email from your computer will not affect email stored on the server unless your email software is set up to remove from the server when deleted from the Deleted Items folder. There are two things you can do to resolve this issue: 1) select the "Remove from the server when deleted from the 'Deleted Items' folder" (Tools-->Accounts-->Properties-->Advanced tab), and/or 2) set or change the number of days to leave a copy of the messages on the server, also on the account properties Advanced tab. This setting should not be longer than 30 days, but for most people, five to ten days should be sufficient.

After making these changes, you should delete everything from your Deleted Items folder (if that option was selected) and/or click the Send/Receive button. This will then delete the appropriate emails from the server, reducing the amount of email stored there.

Outlook/Outlook Express gets "stuck" while downloading messages.

It may be a message is corrupted and Outlook/Outlook Express doesn't know quite how to handle it or is unable to handle it. Log onto the MagicMail server at and check the messages in your Inbox. If you know which message Outlook/Outlook Express gets stuck downloading (e.g., it hangs at message number 3 of 5), then just delete it. You might be able to read it through MagicMail before deleting it, in case it is a message you wanted to receive. If you don't know which message Outlook/Outlook Express gets stuck on, then read any unread messages on the mail server, delete any unwanted or unimportant emails, and then log out of MagicMail and try downloading email through Outlook/Outlook Express again. Try rebooting if the problem isn't resolved (an application or process may be hung). If the problem persists after deleting messages and rebooting, then you should call Technical Support.

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