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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need in order to get service?

All you need is a high-speed Internet connection and their regular telephone.

Will I still be listed in the phone book?

Yes, you will be able to designate the name to list in the local directory. Your directory listing can be Listed, Non-Listed, or Non-Published.

Can the service be used with a home alarm system?

If you have a home alarm system that connects through their current home telephone line, we do not recommend that you attempt to modify wiring. We would advise you contact us or a professional.

Can a wireless phone number transfer?

No, wireless numbers cannot transfer.

Can a ringmaster number transfer?

No, the ringmaster number must be converted to a regular phone line before it can be transferred.

I currently have one line. Will there be a charge to add a second line?

No, adding a second line is free. The MTA supports two lines, so there is no equipment cost. The activation fee was paid on the first line.

Will I be able to make E911 calls in case of an emergency?


Do I need to test E911 dialing after setup?

No. Calling E911 when it is not an emergency could create unnecessary legal issues for you.

What happens if a number cannot be transferred?

If for some reason we are unable to transfer an existing number, you will need to keep the temporary number that was assigned. The temporary number will become the permanent number.

What is the maximum length of a voicemail message?

The voice mailbox allows up to a total of 10 minutes of voice messages. Once the mailbox gets to 10 minutes, all new messages will be blocked.

If I add someone to my call block list, what will the blocked caller hear when they call me?

A busy signal.

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

Virtual Phone Numbers are very inexpensive secondary numbers that ring to your primary line. These numbers can originate from most rate centers within the U.S.

Can I have a Canadian virtual number?

No. At this time we can only offer domestic U.S. numbers for virtual numbers.

Can calls be erased from the call log?

No, calls are archived for 3 months and then they are deleted.

Why can’t I send or receive faxes through the MTA?

Older FAX machines may occasionally have trouble sending messages. For troubleshooting information call Customer Service.

What is the cause of choppy calls and is there anything that can be done to fix this?

Choppy calls are usually caused by high latency or packet loss in the ISP's (Internet Service Provider’s) network. High latency is when it takes too long for the data to be transmitted over the Internet connection. Packet loss is when information is lost over the Internet connection. Either symptom can be caused by ISP problems, Internet congestion, or heavy bandwidth usage, such as online gaming or file sharing. You can determine if there is any problem by using any number of Internet speed tests.

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